Conditions of meeting

Dear client,

please read the terms and conditions prior to your booking.

We don't ask for any payment in advance for any meeting in Europe and our travel expenses are already included in the prices. Please aware, that expenses such as an accommodation, food and flight tickets are paid by the client.

The flight ticket including the return ticket must be paid before the meeting and we need to receive the booking confirmation in form of an e-ticket or by providing a booking code. Whole amount of the donation must be given in a cash directly to a lady at the beginning of your meeting. A lady has the right to check the amount given to her, please do not consider this as rude.

In case of your serious interest, please donĀ“t forget to inform us:

• your full name

• lady, who you would like to meet

• date, time and duration of meeting

• place of meeting - country, city, name and address of hotel

• your phone number - we would use it only in urgent case

If you need to cancel the meeting, please inform us by email as soon as possible.

We are looking forward to our co-operation.

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